Category: Leases

Residential Tenancies

Following on from the announcements made in relation to commercial tenancies, the Queensland Government has taken steps to enact similar provisions in the Residential Tenancies legislation. There are four elements to the recent announcement which aims to introduce rules to prevent evictions, compulsory conciliation for Tenants and Landlords in circumstances where a Tenant is unable […] Read More.

Leases and COVID-19 Update

Following on from our recent article, the Federal Government has announced a mandatory Code of Conduct relating to commercial leases during COVID-19 with the intention for these measures to be legislated in the coming days and weeks in each state. This code applies to all tenants who are suffering financial stress or hardship as a […] Read More.

Leases & COVID-19

As you are likely aware, there have recently been a number of changes announced in relation to business closures which has had a significant impact on how we as a society function and created enormous financial impacts on the commercial/business sector. In an effort to aid as many businesses as possible, the Federal Government has […] Read More.