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Criminal law matters can be divided into two distinct categories: summary offences and indictable offences. Summary offences are offences that are not generally punishable by imprisonment, and are heard in the Magistrates Court and decided by a single judge. Indictable offences are offences that are punishable by imprisonment, and can be heard in the Magistrates Court and decided by a single judge or you may be able to elect to have them heard in the District Court and decided by a jury panel of 12 people chosen at random from the community.

Many minor criminal offences are dealt with summarily in the Magistrates Court by the defendant (person charged with the offence) pleading guilty. It then becomes the task of your solicitor to make submissions to the judge regarding the appropriate penalty, which may range from a recognisance (good behaviour bond) or small fine, supervisory orders including Community Service and Probation Orders, right up to terms of imprisonment which are wholly or partially suspended or commuted entirely to an Intensive Correction Order.

The experienced team at Finemore Walters and Story will support and guide you through what can sometimes be a confusing and stressful time in your life, to ensure you receive the best possible outcome. We will listen to your unique story and expertly craft submissions with a focus on rehabilitation rather than punishment where possible.

If it is not appropriate to deal with your offence by entering a plea of guilty, we can assist you to explore the possible defences available to you and provide honest advice regarding your chances of success in contesting the matter at a full trial by pleading not guilty. We have strong professional relationships with a number of highly experienced barristers, and can assist you in making the appropriate choice of barrister for your particular matter. We then work with you and your barrister to see your matter through to the end of the trial. We have a very high success rate in achieving favourable outcomes for contested charges.

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