Contract Law

Contracts in Australia

Are you having trouble enforcing a contract or recovering debts within Bundaberg or from clients elsewhere in Australia? Our team of experienced solicitors can help take the stress out of these situations and make the process easier for you or your business.

Typically, contracts involve the payment of a sum of money in exchange for goods or services. Disputes arise when providers don’t receive payment. Our experienced lawyers can assist you with debt recovery, including: letters of demand, legal proceedings, and seizing assets.

Certain requirements must be met in order for a contract to be enforceable:

  • Agreement between parties;
  • Parties provide a consideration (betterment or detriment); This is usually the price to be paid.
  • Parties show an intention to create legal relations;

Parties failing to fulfill their obligations could be found in breach of contract, leading to a number of different consequences, such as:

  • Payment of damages to the innocent party;
  • Recovery of an agreed upon amount;
  • Contract termination;

Breach of contract proceedings must begin within six years from the date the contract was breached, otherwise your claim expires. It is critical to get early advice.

For over 60 years Finemore Walters & Story have provided caring, hands on advice to thousands of the region’s families, individuals, and institutions. Trust tradition – contact us if you are about to enter into a contract and need solid advice and support.

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