Defamation Law

Defamation Law

If someone has said or published something slanderous, libellous, or defamatory against you, or you have been accused of making such comments, contact our experienced team in Bundaberg right away. We will work to prevent the comments from spreading and assist with repairing your reputation. If you were accused, we can help prevent possible consequences.

You have one year from the date of the comment or publication to start legal action. To claim defamation, you must prove the comment/publication:

  • contained defamatory content;
  • was communicated to a third party;
  • identified you;

Initially, we can issue a Concerns Notice under the Defamation Act. This can be a cost-effective step to resolve the dispute.

For over 60 years Finemore Walters & Story have provided caring, hands on advice to thousands of the region’s families, individuals, and institutions. Trust tradition – allow us to work with you if you believe someone has made defamatory comments towards you or you have been accused of making such comments.

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