Will Disputes

Will Disputes in Queensland

If you feel that you’re entitled to more from a deceased estate, we can help. Our team has years of experience dealing with the complicated and often emotional issues surrounding the process of contesting a will made in Queensland. We will inform and explain your options and support you throughout the process.

While Australian law does recognize a person’s right to choose who inherits their property, will disputes still arise and there are often good reasons why a will should be contested:

  • Someone has been left out of the will or unfairly provided for;
  • The will is not legally valid or no will exists at all;
  • The administrator of the will has made mistakes;

Whatever the reason, if you’re thinking about contesting a will, we believe in working with you to enable you to receive what you’re entitled to. We will advise if your claim is possible, determine the nature of the estate, and will strive to minimize the stress involved.

For over 60 years Finemore Walters & Story have provided caring, hands on advice to thousands of the region’s families, individuals, and institutions. Trust tradition – allow us to work with you if you are considering contesting a will.

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