The new Labour Hire Licenses Act 2017 commenced on 16 April 2017, in conjunction with the Labour Hire Licensing Regulation 2018.

From 15 June 2018, all labour hire providers must ensure they have:

  • a licence to provide labour hire services; or
  • submitted an application for a licence.

The new Act established a number of new laws and principles to protect workers and avoid exploitation within the industry. Most importantly it should be noted that these new laws create obligations and duties on both the labour hire provider and also the recipient of the labour hire workers.

It is now an offence to the recipient of the labour to engage with or use the services of a labour hire provided who is not licensed.

Visit to apply for a license if you provide labour hire or to confirm that your labour hire provider is licensed as required by law.

Zack McKay, Solicitor, works in the area of industrial relations and employment law and is available to provide advice concerning these new laws and your obligations.